Andromeda Publishing works closely with the academic community to publish high quality academic work and to present the recent findings in the fields that we publish. We offer authors worldwide marketing and distribution in tandem with a thoughtful and personal editorial experience.
Our experienced team of competent and multilingual Editors, who hail from top academic institutions, will be happy to work closely with you on a plan custom-tailored to suit your work.

We promise the following:

Editorial Excellence – New authors will join an array of established ones and a rigorous program of academic research.
Quality Peer Review – Whether you submit your manuscript in English or Arabic, we have the editorial team to support you with a thorough but fast and responsive peer review process.
Support to Early Career Researchers in Humanities and Physics - Andromeda offers strategic support to early career researchers and mid-career scholars, as well as targeted campaigns in support of key disciplines, such as Humanities with a focus on Arabic and World Literature (see our e-journal, AWL) and Physics with a focus on High Energy Physics (see our e-journal, LHEP). We offer graduate students and academics with fresh doctoral degrees an opportunity to publish their theses with us at a reduced timeframe. This is bound to make their job applications much more attractive to academic institutions.

Book publication process:

  1. Submission: Once you have submitted your book proposal, sample material, and updated CV to Andromeda editor, your editor will contact you to discuss it.
  2. Peer Review: Your editor will send your proposal and accompanying material to qualified scholars in your field of research for peer review.
  3. Author Response: When the review is complete, your editor will send it to you and invite a formal response from you.
  4. Board Approval: With the original proposal, sample material, review, and response in hand, your editor will present the book to our Editorial Board for approval to publish.
  5. Contract: You will receive an offer letter followed by a contract with an agreed upon delivery date of your final manuscript. After signing the contract, your editorial contact will send you more information about preparing your work for publication.
  6. Production: Deliver your final manuscript along with supplementary rights and permissions forms and your book will be handed over to the production department for cover design, copyediting, proofreading, and binding (for paper editions).
  7. Publication: Your book is published in an e-Book format or paper edition upon request. At Andromeda we are always available to provide authors with the necessary support and guidance throughout the publishing process.
Proposal Form is to be filled in and sent to

ألغاز تكشف عن جوهر الكون
1 May 2022

By Cumrun Vafa (Author), Nidal Chamoun (Translator)

Language: Arabic

Paperback: 279 pages

ISBN-13: 978-1739815219

Price: 10£‎

For orders, please contact:

رحلة داخل أعماق المادة: عصر جديد في فيزياء الجسيماث الأولية ومحاولة فهم نشأة الكون
1 June 2022

By Shaaban Khalil (Author)

Language: ‎Arabic

Paperback: ‎138 pages

ISBN-13: ‎978-1739815226

Price: 7£

For orders, please contact:
1 December 2023

By Hamad Al-Hamad (Author), Ohoud Albataineh (Translator)

Language: ‎English

Paperback: ‎248 pages

ISBN-13: ‎978-1-7398152-4-0

Price: 15£

For orders, please contact: